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air conditioner maintenance

Air Conditioner Service - $179/unit

Check shroud, check compressor amp draw, check blower amp draw, check capacitor, clean air filters, check temp difference.

Slide Seal Service - $185/slide room

Lubricate tracks and gears, treat bulb seals and wipers, inspect alignment of room and operation.

Water Heater Service - $109

Check condition of anode rod, check pressure relief valve, Adjust + clean burners and orifice, check + clean exhaust, check operation.

Furnace Service - $249

Clean burner and orifice, clean + inspect blower wheel, clean + inspect combustion chamber, check + clean exhaust, check + clean control board.

water tank maintenance

Battery Service - $99 first battery + $85 each additional battery

Load test battery, top off fluid, clean terminals + posts, apply treatment to terminals. (If battery fails load test- cost of replacement batteries not included).

Leveling System/Stabilizer Service - $199

Clean foot pads, clean + lubricate jacks, top off hydraulic fluids.

Fresh Tank Sanitizing - $335

Sanitizing fluid put into tank to remove mildew + algae, flush fresh tank and water lines.

Black and Gray Tank Flush - $139

Treat with micro-bacterial treatment, flush tanks.

roof maintenance

Propane Leak Test - $82.50

Manometer leak test of propane system to ensure no leaks in system.

Wheel Bearing Packing - $179/wheel

Remove wheel, check brakes, remove bearings and inspect, repack bearings, install new seal kits and grease. (if bearings need to be replaced additional costs will be quoted).

Free Tire Inspection

Check for dry rot, uneven wear, age of tires.

Free Roof Inspection

Check condition of roof seals and potential water leaks. (if roof needs to be replaced it will be quoted).

Roof Sealing

Travel Trailer

Overlay Seal - $359
Full Scrape + Seal - $1,099

Fifth Wheel

Overlay Seal - $539
Full Scrape + Seal - $1,499

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